Ahad, 25 November 2012

Something that I want to do

·          Say “I LOVE YOU” and mean it everyday.
·         Be In love everyday .
·         Kiss in the rain ,     
·         Do something I should regret but  don't regret it ,         
·         Fall in love again and not had the  heartbroken ,          
·         Love someone I shouldn’t have ,
·         Speak more than five language fluently ,          
·         Sing loudly in the car and don’t stop event realizing someone was looking           ,
·         Write books for a large publication ,      
·         Hold someone while they were sad,       
·         Having flashback ,  
·         Break someone's heart ,    
·         Ridden a horse ,  
·         Sleep for more than 30hours..
·         Had my picture in the newspaper ,         
·         Have  healthy romantic relationship  in my lifetime ,
·         Go back to school , 
·         Select one “important” author that I missed in school and read it ,           
·         Apologized to someone years after ,       
·         Inflicting the hurt ,
·         Communicate with someone without sharing the same spoken language ,          
·         Build my own pc from the parts swim with the fishes,          
·         Climbed a mountain ,        
·         Watch a lightning storm at sea , 
·         Stay up all night long and watch sunrise ,         
·         Go to a huge sport game , 
·         Grow and eat my own vegetables ,          
·         Sleep under the stars ,       
·         Watch a meteor shower ,  
·         Look up at the night sky using telescope ,         
·         Ask out a stranger ,
·         Have a snowball fight ,      
·         Screamed as loudly as possibly I can ,    
·         Have a meaningful conversation with a beggar ,         
·         Actually feel happy with my own   life  ,             
·         Take care of someone who was actually my “enemy” ,
·         Have enough money to be truly satisfied ,        
·         Have amazing friends ,      
·         In a restaurant sit with the  stranger and had meal with them ,        
·         Milk a cow ,              
·         Play in the mud ,    
·         Play in the rain ,     
·         Be in a movie ,        
·         Be in a television programs ,        
·         Get flowers for no reason ,           
·         Perform on stage and sing a song again ,          
·         Buy a house and spend time make it exactly what I want ,   
·         Be on cruise ship ,  
·         Pick up and move to other city just to start over ,                   
·         Being in romantic relationship with someone that I admired (even for a while),
·         Ride a super bike ,  
·         Change someone mind about  something that they deeply care about
·         Give more than afford to the  charity,   
·         Take an ice cold bath         
·         Give my father lot of money and  tell him that I love him,
·          Send a message in a bottle and  hoping that someone will found it ,         
·         Ride a camel in a desert    
·         Visit the house of representative and see how they work      
·         Write the letter to the favorite  tv hero/heroine ,
·         Learn not to say yes when I really mean no,      
·         Be someone's mentor,       
·         Learn to play musical instrument  with some degree of skills ,
·         Own absolutely expensive and great  business suit     
·         Write my will          
·         Overcome the fear of failure        
·         Accept myself for what I am         
·         Grow  a garden        
·         Go up in a hot air balloon
·         Celebrating the eid mubarak in makkah           
·         Perform haj
·         Throw a huge party and invite all of friends      
·         Tour to the places I wanted to go            
·         Follow my favorite singer's tour
·         Win money from a tv show          
·         Look inside the mirror then  telling my self that I am living my dream    
·         Trying to have my own artwork and  sell it to stranger         
·         Danced with the strangers           
·         Spend a day eating junk food  without any guilty        
·         Tell someone the story of my life                       
·         Learn to rollerblade           
·         Learn how to make the compliment      
·         Be the boss  
·         Get my PHD            
·         Write the novels that I know  I will be part of the plot           
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